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Welcome to We Are Green Productions, where innovation meets purity in the world of hemp-based products. We specialise in producing and delivering premium hemp solutions that redefine quality. Our commitment to sustainability, cutting-edge technology and customisable formulations sets us apart. Whether you’re seeking cold-pressed bulk hemp products, HempCAP™ innovations, cannabinoid-infused cosmetics or custom productions, we are your trusted production partner.

Highest quality, 100% natural hemp-infused products


We Are Green Productions proudly adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, ensuring that our manufacturing processes meet the highest quality and regulatory requirements. Committed to excellence, we prioritise the production of safe and reliable products, whilst upholding the principles of GMP to guarantee consumer satisfaction and compliance with industry standards.

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Explore our comprehensive range of bulk hemp products at We Are Green. Crafted with innovative cold-press technology, our offerings exemplify purity, sustainability and quality.


The Future of HEMP Products

HempCAP™ is everything you’ve always wanted in a cannabinoid product, and more. Avoiding chemicals, HempCAP™ has simplicity and purity at its core. It is a clean and genuine full-spectrum hemp oil or, our most recent development, hemp biomass. Because it lacks the distinctive hemp taste and aroma, HempCAP™ is suitable for use in any type of food-grade production. Mix, combine and create beverages, protein powders, foods and supplements, without compromising on taste or smell. HempCAP™ can be the secret hidden ingredient that gives your product the edge within the competitive market.

Cold-Pressed Oil

Pure Perfection by cold-pressed technology

All bulk hemp products from We Are Green are made using our innovative cold-press technology. Cold-pressing is the only process that maintains all of the plant compounds while remaining completely natural. This method of making hemp oil is the same one used to make cold-pressed organic essential oils. Multiple pressing cycles are used in the procedure to press all of the plant components, particularly phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

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Choosing We Are Green Productions means selecting a leader in the hemp industry, dedicated to quality, innovation and sustainability. We prioritise purity in our cold-pressed products and offer versatile solutions such as HempCAP™. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices reflects our dedication to the planet and your well-being. With custom development, white-label options and a comprehensive range of bulk hemp products, We Are Green provides tailored solutions for success. Elevate your choices and embrace a greener future with us.

green farming

Sustainability from Soil to Sale

Our commitment to sustainable farming ensures the highest quality, environmentally-friendly hemp products. From planting to harvesting, we prioritise the planet’s health.

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Innovative and Sustainable

We Are Green combines cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly practices, to create products that redefine excellence in a sustainable and green manner.

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Eco-Conscious Logistics

We Are Green’s shipping methods reduce our carbon footprint, showcasing our dedication to environmentally-friendly processes, at every stage of your order.

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Eco-Friendly Sourcing

We carefully select green materials for our products, embracing sustainable choices that align with our mission to protect the environment and enhance product quality.

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At We Are Green, our unwavering focus is on delivering the highest and purest quality products available on the market. We are committed to harnessing the full potential of nature, whilst upholding the strictest standards of purity and excellence. Our dedication to quality assurance ensures that every product we offer meets and exceeds industry benchmarks, setting us apart as a trusted source for premium, untainted and exceptional products.

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